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Solar energy is the light and heat emitted from the sun which humans has utilized it for their benefits since ancient times by exploiting a range of technologies that are constantly developing. Solar Technologies harness solar energy by using thermal energy of the sun for direct heating, Mechanical Conversion Process of movement, Electrical energy, or to generate electricity through phenomena of Photovoltaic by using panels of potential photovoltaic cells. Also in addition to architectural designs that rely on exploiting solar energy, which are technical methods that can contribute significantly in solving some of the world 's most critical problems today.

Importing quantities of Solar Energy equ

AlSadi Trading Group (ATG) has imported quantities of Solar Energy equipment .. Read more


Better Future for Solar Energy:

The transition to the era of renewable energy needs to be bonded between various categories of society. This bonding does not come unless there is full satisfaction of all parts in the need of use to sources of
Renewable Energy instead of convention.. Read more